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Serving the village of Elmswell since 1999

Is there any interest in playing bridge in Elmswell? A recent arrival to the village would welcome email from like minded people in view of meeting up for a game or two.

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Update by Geoff Hayward on 15th May 2004

I plan to find time next month for refreshing this website. Meanwhile if any persons, groups or businesses in or near Elmswell have information to contribute to this website, could you please contact me by via the e-mail address

News of Neil Thomson

This website was set up in 1999 by Neil Thomson. On moving to Saxmundham at the beginning of 2004, Neil immediately started to use his influence on their local broadband campaign. As you can read on, results were spectacular. Neil thus managed to achieve two broadband campaign "victories", with availability on the Elmswell exchange from 26th November 2003 and the Saxmundham exchange due to provide broadband on 11th August 2004.

You may have read the announcement by BT on 27th April 2004 (see the ending of the scheme whereby local groups could accelerate the upgrading of their telephone exchange to broadband by collecting sufficient pre-registrations.

Neil can be contacted on

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